Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Announced

Warner Bros. and TT Games have announced Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

The game will be coming to the PC and home consoles.

The majority of the story takes place in space, but there will also be other DC locations outside of Earth.

Although the common villains such as Lex Luther and Joker are present, the ultimate villain in this game is Brainiac who has the power of the Lantern Rings . Your ultimate goal on the other hand is of course, to save the world.

As for the heroes, well, it's not gonna be just Batman. As with the previous games, you will be joined by Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and many more. There are more than 150 unique characters to unlock in this game.

No pricing or release date has been announced so far.


Google Play Movies Philippines Now Open For Purchase

Android users rejoice! It is now possible to buy movies on the Philippine Google Play Store.

As with other parts of the Play Store, the movie section gets its own respected color - red.

The price starts at Php 180.00 when you rent a movie, and around Php 650.00 when you buy. Those prices are for the Standard Definition movies. You will have to pay a little more for the HD quality movies which are Php 220.00 and Php 870.00 for rent and purchase respectively.

For most rented movies, you will have to watch them within 30 days. Then from the time you started watching, you have 48 hours to finish it.

Currently, Amazing Spider-Man, 47 Rounin and  The Hobbit rule the top 3 list. We haven't spotted any tagalog movies as of this time, so be sure to tell us if you do!

It's definitely a good news for those who are loyal to Google and also for those who have made a switch from Apple's iTunes Store.

If you don't have time to view it on your phone right now, you can check on the screenshots provided on this post.

Galaxy Note 4 Possible New Features

Rumor has it that Samsung is implementing features for their next generation flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 4, and that these features will be tested on the recently released Galaxy S5 phone with Android 4.4.3.

The said new features for the Galaxy Note 4, according to some inside information as claimed by are Swipe to launch Motion Launcher, Aqua Capture, Multi Network for Booster, and Smart Fingerprint.

Most of these features are already familiar especially the Aqua Capture which seems to tell the same ability as the S5 that allows to take pictures underwater for a limited period of time while Swipe to launch Motion Launcher seem to promise more things to do with the fingerprint scanner.


Steam Family Sharing Now Live — Available For All Users

The Steam Family Sharing feature is now available for all users of Steam.

NVidia Tegra K1 192-Core GPU Will Put Xbox One And PS4 Graphics Features To Next Gen Mobile Devices

NVidia Tegra K1
NVidia has announced earlier this week the next generation of mobile processor for Android, the Tegra K1.

Intel To Showcase "Dual OS" Android And Windows OS In One At CES

The dual boot feature has not disappeared from Intel's mind it seems even with the advent of Smartphones. Instead, they will be utilizing the Android operating system to work side-by-side with the Windows 8 operating system and they are planning to show it off on the upcoming Computer Electronics Show (CES).

Lenovo Vibe Z Announced

Lenovo has announced the new Vibe Z smartphone which is Lenovo's first LTE device.