MyPhone Q19i Duo Review (QWERTY, Dual SIM)

On November 2010, Filipino mobile phone brand MyPhone introduced the Q19i. The MyPhone Q19i Duo is a QWERTY and Dual SIM budget phone that seem to appeal to a lot of people because of its price and features.

Because this was a rather old model, I was thinking of not publishing this review anymore. But since I've written a lot about the phone already, I thought what's there to lose anyway? I can only help people make up their mind. So here we go...


The phone has a curve design. All four corners are curved, the top part is a little more square than the bottom where it slims down further. The phone has a nice glossy finish in front, while the back is semi-glossed rough texture which somehow prevents smudges. At 72g, the phone feels reasonably light. I think that it will fit a regular Filipino male's hand just fine (dimensions are 111.2x61.2x13mm).

The phone has an external speaker at the back as well as a camera. A USB port is present at the bottom which can be used for charging, connecting a headset or connecting your phone to the computer.

Because I got the Cory (yellow) edition, there's a nice print of the Philippine islands at the back. The back cover can be easily removed by just pressing and sliding it down.

MyPhone Q19i Duo
The phone has dedicated home and SMS buttons. It also has dedicated undo, cancel call, and two call buttons for each SIM card. At the center of the phone is a nice circular black button which is used for confirmation. The circular button is surrounded by a nice shiny ring which is actually a four directional button used for navigating around the menu and contact list.


The Q19i uses a 2.0" or 220x176 pixels TFT LCD display and I think that the display was rather sharp (well not as sharp as the iPhone but okay sharp).


When composing an SMS message, you can display up to seven lines of text at once. When you open a message, you can easily navigate left or right to the previous or next message respectively. Problem is that I can't skip through the list of messages (page up or down), although I can skip to a particular message number like pressing 2 and 3 for example sequentially brings me to message number 23.

Managing messages can be a pain as well... For example, you have to open a separate menu called "Multi Operation" to delete multiple messages.

Calling doesn't sound so good on loud speaker and it doesn't have dedicated volume controls. Instead, the volume controls shared functionality with some other keys and I got very confused.


The phone supports FM radio and you will need an ear phone to turn it on. You can record the radio channel you're listening to. I had a hard time figuring out how to play an MP3. I tried loading a memory card with existing songs, even putting on the root of my memory card but it didn't detect the songs instantly. I was able to play the music though by browsing through the file manager in the phone, selecting the file from there launched the MP3 player somehow.


You can access the Internet via GPRS connection. You cannot surf websites on their desktop versions though as your phone would most likely run out of memory. I can browse status updates on Facebook though, pictures also load in low quality and resolution.


The phone uses a 0.1 Megapixel camera. Taking pictures with the camera is very slow, you have to stay still for a second or so to make a perfect capture. If you move, you'll capture the wrong thing. The camera has a fair quality though, you can still somehow identify yourself. Below is a sample photo taken from the phone's camera.

MyPhone Q19i Sample Photo

There is no bluetooth connection for this phone. You can either MMS, use USB connection or insert a 4GB Micro SD card to transfer file from and to the phone.


Basic apps for the phone include a Calendar, Tasks (like a ToDo list), Alarm, World Clock, Calculator, Unit Converter, Currency Converter, Health (like a menstrual tracking log for women) and an eBook reader. The phone also comes with a single puzzle game.

There are social media icons on the main menu but what they really are, are shortcuts to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Friendster.

The Verdict

I must admit that this review is very much dated. However a few years back and I would still perceive the phone as something just "okay". The flaws will however unlikely escape my eyes, useability is one of  this phone's greatest weaknesses and I hope they have resolved those in more recent models. I can see that they tried to make this phone as feature packed as possible, but most of the features just came a little short of my expectations.

MyPhone Q19i Duo is currently priced at the MyPhone website for Php 1,588. I used a "Cory" edition here  so I got a yellow colored one but the colors available from their website are red, white and coffee colors.

MyPhone Q19i Duo Review Score


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February 8, 2013 at 11:11 AM mel said...

how to change new password in myphone q19i

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how to acces myphonw q19i to internet?

May 2, 2013 at 3:51 PM monique said...

the same as mel question below, how can i change new password to myphone Q19i//

July 5, 2014 at 8:32 AM Eldi said...

HOw to restore my phone setting? I cant even recieved call & text? pls help.....

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