Transcend Jetflash T3S Review

The Transcend Jetflash T3S (S stands for Silver) is a USB 2.0 flash drive with an ultra-slim design. It showcases a luxurious shiny metallic body in stainless steel protection plate.


The Transcend Jetflash T3S is elegantly designed, so small at 29.35mm long, 12.3mm wide, and 3.05mm thick, it could fit the size of your pocket's pocket (i.e. the secret pocket). It's remarkably light (4g), carrying it around feels like carrying a piece of paper. It's a perfect attachment to anything you always carry around like a phone or wallet.

The silver, shiny finish is just lovely. The body is made with refined zinc alloy body and stainless steel protection plate. Whenever the T3S gets dirty with fingerprints and dust, just wipe it off with a cloth and it's silver shiny again.

The T3S is complimented by a carrying case for extra protection. And with the T3S's luxurious design, it doesn't feel akward to take it out of your pocket even if you're wearing a suit or a nice sexy dress.


The T3S looks and feels very compact. It was afterall manufactured with a technique called the "Chip On Board" manufacturing technique.

According to, "COB provides the capability to perform direct chip to chip wiring that facilitates improved performance and strong functional integration in many modern high speed applications".

The product was manufactured in such way that it's completely resistant to dust, shock and water.


The T3S supports the USB 2.0 interface. While it's not the fastest flash drive that you'll get and USB 3.0 enabled laptops/desktops are now available, most computers today are still  using USB 2.0 anyway so you'll still get a decent performance with this product. The transfer rate for my computer is average but speed could vary with other machines.

The Transcned Jetflash T3S also supports plug and play operation for Mac OS 9.0 or later as well as Linux Kernel 2.4.2 or later. I had no problem plugging in the device to a Windows 7 computer.

Jetflash T3S Storage Chart

CapacityProduct CodeCamera ResolutionVideoAudio
4GB TS4GJFT3S1636 Photos3.7 Hours999 Tracks
8GBTS8GJFT3S3272 Photos7.3 Hours999 Tracks
16GBTS16GJFT3S6544 Photos14.5 Hours999 Tracks

  • Approximate number of photos are based on JPEG compression
  • Video recording time is based on 640x480 30fps MPEG4 Compression
  • Audio recording capacity is based on 4-minute 128kbps WMA audio clips


The product came in a nice box with a carrying strap and a limited lifetime warranty. There are two free software (Transcend Elite, RecoverRx) but does not come with a CD or pre-installed inside the USB drive. You'll have to download them through their download center.

Jetflash T3S Package Contents
  1. USB Flash Drive
  2. Leather Carrying Strap
  3. Carrying Case
  4. Warranty Card
Product Shots

Jetflash T3S Box, BackJetflash T3S Box, BottomJetflash T3S Box, FrontJetflash T3S Flash Drive, Carrying StrapJetflash T3S, Warranty, BroschuresTranscend Jetflash T3S, USB Drive, Carrying Case

The Verdict

The T3S belongs to Trascends' Luxury series and should be treated as such. While it does the job of keeping your data safe and portable, it's not to replace high-speed USB drives available in the market. It makes for a very good fashion accessory, and portable backup storage. It's like hitting two birds with one stone, without the intention of cooking them later.

Be sure to check out the unboxing video we made for this product.

Transcend Jetflash T3S Score


Thanks to Banbros for providing me with the review unit for this product. You can visit them at Banbros Commercial, Inc. was esablished in 1997 with the primary purpose of distributing PC components in the Philippine market. Over the years, it has established and partnered with several companies to serve the needs of the ever changing IT industry and at the same time provide continued growth and expansion in the distribution business.

Also visit Transcend at

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January 27, 2014 at 10:42 PM Joe said...

So what is the performance of this drive? Mb/s read/write ?

If you say that drive support USB 2.0 is the same as you would say that car has a engine. But don't tell how many kW.

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